R.G.B. Martinis

Getting creative in my studio. This image has a graphical quality to it that I find myself liking more and more every time I see it. Although it is hard to see here, we can see the green martini glass at the top of the stem of the blue martini in front. Upon zooming in we can then see the red martini glass at the top of the green martini stem. 

RGB Martinis

Creative automobile images

One of the assignments in my Corporate / Industrial photo class was to capture a few images at a car dealership and then get creative with them. This is one of the three that I submitted.

Gear shift console

Commemorative Air Museum

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to go to the Commemorative Air Museum in Mesa AZ with the Location Photography class at The Art Institute of Phoenix. We spent the afternoon outside shooting the World War II aircraft. The collection on display includes a Boeing B-17G Heavy Bomber called 'Sentimental Journey' , a Douglas C-47 Skytrain/DC-3 Dakota transport, and a North American Aviation B-25J/TB-25N "Mitchell" Medium Bomber called 'Maid in the Shade'. 

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sentimental Journey'

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sentimental Journey'

March 12, 2016 Photo shoot

I spent the afternoon shooting models with Pinup style at Ponderosa Stables in Phoenix AZ. We all had a fun time shooting in the middle of the day as the heat hasn't really shown up here yet this year. I was trying a new technique to me shooting the models with the sun high and behind them and I used a portable studio mono-light with a light modifier attached to open up the hard shadows. I am pleased with the results!

Food shoot


Yesterday afternoon I was at a new Italian restaurant in downtown Phoenix located at the Arizona Center. I was shooting delicious plates of food for their online menu. Each plate looking more appetizing than the previous!  I will post a few images after I deliver them to my client. 

Large Format studio photography

In this quarter of my schooling I am getting a great opportunity to use a large format camera with a digital back. (think of the master Ansel Adams and the camera that he used - it is always attached to a tripod when shooting). The difference now being that we have the option of using electronic media to capture the images on, or we could also use film or plates.

Here, a classmate is cleaning a wine glass for one of our images that we created last week.



First shoot of the year 2016

January 10 - The first shoot of the year for me was with a great group of models and photographers at the oldest free-standing biker bar in Tempe. This marks the first time that I have used my portable studio strobe with the battery pack while on location. Here we are outside against the brick wall behind the building.